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Puppy Preschool is a chance for you to learn what it takes to raise and care for your new puppy during the early stages of development. Your puppy will begin healthy socialization exercises to build confidence. During this 3 week course, you and your puppy will work together as we introduce your puppy to new situations and sensations. Puppy pre-school is a chance to start your puppy off on the right paw.

•  For puppies age 8-16 weeks of age at the start of the course.
•  See our Puppy Pre-school Program page and separate registration form.

BASIC OBEDIENCE I (6 weeks) $180

You will learn how to effectively communicate with your dog to establish the beginning obedience commands. Your dog will learn proper heeling on a loose leash with an auto-sit, and the basics; sit, down, stay, and come while incorporating helpful training tips.

•  For all dogs age 18 weeks and up.
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BASIC OBEDIENCE II (6 weeks) $180

In this class we will continue to fine tune and build upon the commands learned in Basic Obedience I. We will add in distractions, hand-signals, and more expectations for our dogs. We will introduce the Place command and begin adding distance into our exercises for further challenge.

•  Prerequisite: Basic Obedience I, or passing a private evaluation.
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OPEN GROUP (Weekly, On-going) $10/session

OPEN GROUP is for our previous clients who are looking for a place to continue practicing obedience commands and good manners they have learned with their dogs.  This is not a structured 6 week course, and understanding of the basic commands is something you and your dog should already know.  This class is open every Saturday on a first come first served basis.  In this class the trainer will run you and your dog through different exercises/drills working on both obedience and good manners.  Your dog will work around other dogs and new distractions.  Some days might include outside work, weather permitting.

•  Prerequisite: Basic Obedience I, Good Manners or previous Stay & Train clients.
•  Session size is limited and reservations ARE REQUIRED


In this course you will continue to work on the basic obedience commands adding in distance with ’dropped-leash’, longer stays, and advanced commands such as Square-Off 90, Finish, Stand, Drop on Recall, and Place. This course will strengthen the level of respect and increase the level of communication, preparing your dog for off-leash control.

•  Prerequisite: Basic Obedience II, or passing a private evaluation.
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The goal of this course is to teach you and your dog some basic communication to allow your dog to walk with you on a loose leash and demonstrate good manners around strangers and new situations. In this class we will work on the 10 required testing scenarios of the Canine Good Citizen Certification from the AKC. At the end of this course you and your dog will participate in this test to receive the CGC certification.

•  For all dogs age 18 weeks and up.
•  Basic Obedience I is recommended before taking this class.
•  Course Registration Form
•  * “TEST ONLY” Option - You may choose to take the CGC Test without enrolling in the class for a $25 fee. The test is held on the 6th week of the course. You must call in advance to register for the “TEST ONLY”.
•  For more information on the AKC Canine Good Citizen Testing, click here.

OFF-LEASH CONTROL (6 weeks) $200

In this course you will continue to focus on obedience commands as you work through distractions and distance with your dog. Off-Leash control demonstrates trust and respect between owner and dog.

•  Prerequisite: Advanced Obedience, or passing a private evaluation.
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TRICK TRAINING (6 weeks) $180

In this course you will learn the foundation exercises and build-up to such tricks as beg, wave hello/goodbye, sit-n-spin, play dead, crawl, and more! Trick Training can be a fun and relaxed way to strengthen communication with your dog. Come and have some fun learning tricks and enjoy showing off your dog.

•  Prerequisite: Basic Obedience, or passing a private evaluation.
•  Actual tricks taught may vary by class.
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We will also offer various monthly workshops based on interest and availability. Workshops will focus on things like:

•  Large Group Socialization
•  Confidence Building Clinics
•  Conformation Clinics
•  Pack Play-dates

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