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Marlo with her dogs Lucy, Martin (Boxers) and Ryder (JRT).

Marlo Schmidt CPT
NK9DTA - IACP #2549 - AKC CGC Evaluator #55310

In 1994, Marlo realized that training dogs was her life’s calling. Her first job “in the industry” was as an all-purpose assistant in a boarding/grooming/training kennel in Northern Indiana. The job included all the normal duties of a kennel, cleaning kennels, walking, feeding and bathing dogs and working with customers. But, her favorite job was working as an apprentice to the kennel owner and head trainer, a graduate of the National K9 School for Dog Trainers and a Certified Master Trainer.

Inspired by her training work at the kennel Marlo embarked on a quest for more dog training knowledge, a quest that eventually led her to the National K9 School for Dog Trainers and a certification of her own. As her experience grew, Marlo began to realize that no single method of training worked for every dog and/or every owner. So, she continues to attend schools and seminars in an effort to expand her skill set and learn cutting-edge techniques. She is also a member of some of the premiere industry groups (NK9DTA and IACP) and subscribes to multiple monthly industry publications that deal with various training and behavior modification techniques.

While classes and reading material are good primers, nothing is quite as good as actually using the methods with real dogs, in real situations. While Marlo has worked as a training consultant for individuals for years, most recently, she worked with the Invisible Fence Company of Columbus, Ohio. Her role as a dog trainer (both for the fence and general obedience/behavior modification) exposed her to many breeds of dogs in many situations with a wide variety of issues on a daily basis… A great environment to put Marlo’s skills to work!

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