Columbus K9: Full service training for your dog!


With proper instruction an E-collar can be a wonderful training tool for you and your dog.  Learn how to properly introduce your dog to an E-collar and how to determine the adequate threshold of stimulation needed to communicate with your dog. 
Used for both behavior issues and obedience training, the E-collar makes a great tool to effectively communicate with your dog.  An E-collar provides instant feedback during training, at just the right level, without heavy leash corrections.  In a short time, you and your dog will reach the ultimate goal of off-leash freedom, while controlling with confidence. 
We believe that with great power comes great responsibility,  and training with this tool should be taken seriously and with respect for your dog,  so please let Columbus K9 show you the right way to make your E-collar training a SUCCESS! 

We offer 3 training options:

In-home Training
(1 Hour Sessions)
Private Lessons @ Columbus K9
(1 Hour Sessions)
Stay & Train @ Columbus K9
(3x 8 Hour Days)

We recommend a minimum of 3 training sessions for your dog when introducing the e-collar!


Please visit our store for current pricing on e-collars and accessories.


Your dog must be current on all vaccines, including Bordetella, and be on a preventative flea medication to attend Daycare, Stay & Train Programs, or Classes at Columbus K9.

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